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Green Policy

  tree - green policy
 mission is to be the UK's best business and support partner and we believe that this involves protecting the environment at the local and global level. We strive to ensure that our operations today do not have a negative impact on the lives of future generations.

  Our goal is to achieve continuous environmental improvement. We will comply with all current legislation and, where possible, act in anticipation of future environmental legislation. We base our environmental programme around the hierarchy of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' and are committed to continuous review, evaluation and improvement of our programme. This will include setting targets, and monitoring and reporting on progress towards meeting them.

Our business impacts on the environment through:
• sourcing products and other materials to serve and build our work shops; and
• the operation of our work shops and branches and administrative functions.

We aim to address these impacts by:

Work shops and branches
• improve energy efficiency;
• minimise impacts associated with odour, noise, effluent and emissions to the atmosphere;
• reduce the amount of solid waste;
• increase the value recovered from solid waste before its responsible disposal;
• maintain a litter free environment around our working area by conducting regular litter patrols

• work in partnership with environmentally responsible suppliers to minimise the resource use and pollution associated with our products and operations;

Our Employees
• increase the environmental awareness and relevant skills of all who work for ICEMAN™

• increase the environmental awareness of our suppliers and our customers
• improve liaison with local communities and their representatives.

• improve energy efficiency and office recycling schemes and to reduce the impacts associated with business travel and travel to work.

  Our policy is endorsed by the Executive Group and is communicated to all our employees and suppliers. Copies of the policy are available from our Head Office. The policy is reviewed annually and updated where necessary. It forms the basis for setting environmental improvement objectives that influence the way we do business.

grass - green policy

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