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Banner stands


 The ICEMAN™ outdoor banner stands are flexible in size and application and perfect solution where images need to be viewed from distance.

 Our outdoor Banner stands:  MrBIG   MrStretch   MrRoller

iceman Mr Big banner stand for outdoor

Banner stand MrBIG
from £369

- for banners 2.5m wide and up to 1.5m high
- single or double-sided option
- Adjustable telescopic pole set
- 2 Moulded plastic bases,
  fill with water or sand for extra stability
- Ideally suited to eyeletted mesh substrates
- Carry bag set included
- printed Graphics included

 The big one! This giant outdoor bannerstand is impressive in size and stature. The MrBIG banner stand is flexible in size and application, perfect where images need to be viewed from a distance.

 single sided with printed graphic 2.5x1.5m       £369
 doublesided with printed graphic 2.5x1.5m       £449
new / spare printed graphic 2.5x1.5m         £99


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ICEMAN MrStretch banner stand

Banner stand MrStretch
from £99

- 800mm wide, single-sided
- Visible graphic height 1800mm
- Graphic attachment using tensioned
  carbon rods
- Moulded plastic base – fill with water or
  sand for extra stability
- Ideally suited to eyeletted PVC
  or mesh substrates
- Carry bag included
- printed Graphic included

 A whirlwind of a bannerstand! The Cyclone is an economy single-sided, robust static outdoor bannerstand. It's stable base and flexible carbon fittings make it the perfect choice when considering an outdoor display.

Qty1-2   £169     Qty3-6   £149     Qty7-10   £139     Qty11-20   £129     Qty21+   £99

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ICEMAN roller banner stand MrRoller for outdoor

Banner stand MrRoller
from £279

- 800mm wide, single or double sided
- Visual graphic height 2000mm [max.]
- Two hangers supplied as standard
- Poles with dual height settings
  (1470 and 2000mm)
- Graphics suitable for outdoor use
- Carry bag included
- printed Graphic included

 A double sided roller banner stand suitable for outdoor use. It's sturdy construction and robust base makes the Banner stand MrRoller suitable for use in most outdoor locations.

single sided with printed graphic 80x210m       £279
 doublesided with printed graphic 80x210cm       £349
new / spare printed graphic 80x210cm         £99


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ICEMAN MrBIG outdoor banner stand
ICEMAN MrStretch outdoor banner stand
ICEMAN MrRoller outdoor banner stand

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